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Professional Debt Structuring Services

Fulcra Financial: Leveraging opportunity



We want to help Professionals and the Self Employed grow their businesses and personal assets with the best in market Debt Financing solutions. The team’s debt structuring experience means we will deliver the best debt structure – this could mean a high debt capacity as an example.

Commercial Debt Structuring

We develop financing solutions that project your specific financing plans and future free cash flow. Our team can help you structure complex financing. This includes cash-flow-based acquisition financing, asset finance, management buyouts or buy-ins, project or significant real estate financing, and multi-financier loans in the SME and Mid-market as commercial brokers.

Private Banking

Starting with a clear and complete understanding of your needs, expectations, goals, and constraints, we will work together with you and our lenders to develop a unique lending solution tailored to your needs. Both now and in the future, we regularly monitor your facility as mortgage brokers.

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